Table 2.

Telomerase activity in cases and controls for bladder cancer studies

Telomerase activityCases
nMedian (range)PnMedian (range)P
Baseline510.94 (0.21-3.16)511.06 (0.14-4.69)0.358
After γ-radiation treatment511.34 (0.35-4.86)<0.001511.23 (0.09-6.89)<0.0010.044
Ratio (γ-radiation/baseline)511.49 (0.74-8.56)511.19 (0.35-2.05)<0.001
  • * P values were derived from the Wilcoxon matched-pair signed-rank test.

  • P values were calculated for assessing the difference of telomerase activity between baseline and after γ-radiation treatment in cases or controls.