Table 2.

Baseline characteristics of the study population

Pancreatic cancerNonmalignant IPMN*Chronic pancreatitisP
Age (25%-median-75%), y57-66-7355-68-7154-64.5-750.6
Sex (M/F ratio)1.361.063.000.4
Comorbid conditions (%)
    Cardiovascular disease19.222.917.80.88
    Pulmonary disease15.411.410.70.8
Cytology (%)
Stage§ of pancreatic cancer (%)
    IVa and IVb80.7
Etiology of pancreatitis (%)
Relative expression of S100A6 (25%-median-75%)5.2-11.3-21.04.2-8.2-14.80.7-1.7-4.1<0.0001
  • * Intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm.

  • For continuous variables: P for Kruskal-Wallis test. For categorical variables: P for χ2 test.

  • Cytologic classification was as described in previously (18).

  • § Pancreatic cancer was staged according to Japan Pancreas Society Classification (17).