Table 1.

Total number of study participants, sex and median age of interviewed participants, number who provided DNA, sex and median age of participants from whom we collected DNA

Demographic variablesControlsGlioma*GlioblastomaMeningioma
Number interviewed2,9511,2435631,004
% interviewed who are male46.158.960.925.1
Median age (y) interviewed51.849.654.853.5
Total with DNA1,612725329546
Sweden441 (69.8)231 (63.5)112 (64.4)184 (67.7)
Southeast England459 (72.9)253 (69.5)107 (73.3)158 (70.2)
Denmark602 (73.5)141 (56.9)66 (51.6)127 (73.4)
Number with DNA from Sweden, Southeast England, and Denmark (% of interviewed)1,502 (72.1)625 (64.0)285 (63.4)469 (70.0)
% of those with DNA who are male45.460.863.528.0
Median age (y) with DNA52.
  • NOTE: Data from population-based case-control studies conducted in Sweden, Southeast England, Denmark, and Finland (2000-2004).

  • * Includes glioblastoma cases.

  • Finnish investigators did not attempt to collect blood from all participants interviewed; rather, they drew blood from a sample, of predetermined size, of patients in three hospitals. Therefore, it is not appropriate to represent their DNA samples as a percentage of individuals interviewed.