Table 1.

Sun sensitivity characteristics and NHL in the NSW, SCALE and NCI-SEER case-control studies (3, 18)

Sun sensitivity characteristics*OR (95% CI) for highest exposure category
Blue or gray eyes1.02 (0.79-1.31)
Blue, gray, green, or “mix” eyes1.2 (1.1-1.4)0.54 (0.41-0.71)
Blonde, fair, or red hair0.89 (0.67-1.17)
Blond or red hair1.0 (0.8-1.1)
Very fair skin1.44 (1.01-2.07)
Light complexion0.75 (0.41-1.40)
Severe burn with blisters on acute sun exposure1.53 (0.95-2.45)1.36 (0.63-2.94)
Always burns on acute sun exposure1.0 (0.9-1.2)
No tan or freckles only on repeated sun exposure1.70 (1.06-2.71)
Heavy facial freckling as a child1.19 (0.88-1.60)
  • * Reference categories in order from top to bottom were - NSW: brown, dark brown, brown or olive, very brown, none; SCALE: brown or black, dark brown or black, seldom burns; NCI-SEER: dark brown, dark, no change; OR for "tan no sunburn" on acute exposure in NCI-SEER was 1.06 (0.53-2.14).

  • This describes the SCALE category; NCI-SEER OR is for combination of blue and blue-green.