Table 3.

Association of diabetes with risk of endometrial cancer stratified by BMI and physical activity

Mean BMINo. casesPerson-yearsRR (95% CI)
BMI (kg/m2)*
    <30No diabetes24.04154229,7931.0 (reference)
Diabetes25.11118,2371.55 (0.83-2.91)
    ≥30No diabetes32.934324,9681.0 (reference)
Diabetes33.66112,6502.65 (1.37-5.15)
Physical activity (MET/h)
    HighNo diabetes24.75103141,3691.0 (reference)
Diabetes27.5254,9051.06 (0.43-2.60)
    Low§No diabetes25.15100113,3921.0 (reference)
Diabetes27.51175,9812.67 (1.58-4.53)
  • * Adjusted for age (in months), total physical activity (MET/h quartiles <38.8, 38.9-42.1, 42.2-45.8, 45.9+), and BMI (kg/m2, continuous).

  • Adjusted for age (in months) and BMI (kg/m2, continuous).

  • The highest and middle tertiles of total physical activity combined.

  • § The lowest tertile of total physical activity (<39.8 MET/h).