Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of women according to diabetes diagnosis

No (n = 35,145)Yes (n = 1,628)
Age (y)61.766.5
BMI (kg/m2)24.927.5
Total physical activity (MET/h)42.542.0
No. children2.12.2
Oral contraceptive use (%)58.451.0
Age at menopause (y)49.949.7
Postmenopausal hormone use (%)51.744.7
Total energy intake (kcal/d)1,7251,755
Education ≥12 y (%)16.112.1
Never smokers (%)52.951.4
Current smokers (%)19.719.5
  • NOTE: All values other than for age have been directly standardized according to the age distribution of the cohort.