Table 1.

Age-adjusted percentages and medians of selected characteristics by categories of BMI (CPS-II Nutrition Cohort, 1992-2003)

BMI in 1992 (kg/m2)
<25.025.0 to <27.527.5 to <30.030.0 to <35.0≥35.0
Age group
Education level
    <High school6.07.59.911.814.1
    High school graduate16.118.921.323.321.5
    Some college24.025.826.628.329.0
    College graduate23.722.519.816.915.8
    Graduate school29.724.821.518.819.0
Smoking status
    Never/unknown status36.733.
Family history of prostate cancer
History of diabetes
History of PSA testing*
Height (in.)
Total calorie intake (kcal/d)
METs (h/wk)
  • NOTE: Percentages were adjusted to the age distribution of the entire study population and may not sum to 100 due to missing data.

  • * Ever reported PSA testing calculated from 1997 onward, excluding testing reported after prostate cancer diagnosis.