Table 6.

Association of TP53 haplotypes with somatic TP53 mutation in Caucasians

Haplotype+ Any TP53 mutation
− Any TP53 mutation
OR (95% CI)
Block I SNPs
TP53_34, TP53_01, TP53_66, TP53_16
    C-Pro-G-A0.170.131.80 (0.88-3.66)
    C-Pro-A-G0.210.112.31 (1.18-4.52)
Block I SNPs plus TP53_11
TP53_34, TP53_01, TP53_66, TP53_16, TP53_11
    C-Pro-G-A-T0.160.131.71 (0.82-3.53)
    C-Pro-A-G-G0.110.071.96 (0.85-4.50)
    C-Pro-A-G-T0.100.043.15 (1.18-8.37)
Block II SNPs
TP53_11, TP53_14
    T-T0.440.361.53 (0.92-2.54)
    G-T0.120.072.30 (0.94-5.60)
Combined SNPs associated with mutation
    TP53_34, TP53_01, TP53_16, TP53_14
    G-Arg-G-T0.290.301.48 (0.71-3.07)
    C-Pro-G-T0.190.102.74 (1.25-6.05)
    C-Pro-A-C0.120.111.64 (0.60-4.46)
  • * Frequency of haplotypes in tumors with or without somatic TP53 mutation were calculated using Associations determined for haplotypes ≥5% frequency.

  • ORs and 95% CIs were calculated using haplo.glm assuming additive effects of haplotypes. Models were adjusted for age and pack-years of smoking.