Table 3.

ORs of ovarian cancer (95% confidence intervals) by levels of sex steroids and SHBG in premenopausal women and their matched controls (in two exposure levels)

Hormone concentration
T<1.42 nmol/L≥1.42 nmol/L
    Crude1.001.27 (0.60-2.69)0.530.46
    Adjusted1.001.24 (0.57-2.71)0.590.78
    Adjusted§1.001.19 (0.52-2.74)0.680.97
fT<18.5 pmol/L≥18.5 pmol/L
    Crude1.001.42 (0.66-3.05)0.370.14
    Adjusted1.001.17 (0.53-2.58)0.710.48
    Adjusted§1.001.27 (0.56-2.89)0.570.51
Δ4<4.90 nmol/L≥4.90 nmol/L
    Crude1.001.11 (0.55-2.24)0.770.55
    Adjusted1.001.16 (0.56-2.41)0.690.45
    Adjusted§1.001.06 (0.49-2.30)0.870.63
DHEAS<3.09 μmol/L≥3.09 μmol/L
    Crude1.001.26 (0.63-2.51)0.520.20
    Adjusted1.001.22 (0.59-2.50)0.590.16
    Adjusted§1.001.20 (0.58-2.46)0.630.29
SHBG<50.6 nmol/L≥50.6 nmol/L
    Crude1.000.71 (0.36-1.41)0.330.29
    Adjusted1.000.95 (0.45-2.01)0.890.84
    Adjusted§1.000.97 (0.45-2.08)0.930.77
  • * Linear trend on continuous (log transformed) variable.

  • Analysis matched on EPIC recruitment center, age at blood donation, phase of menstrual cycle, time of the day at blood donation, and fasting status.

  • Further adjustment for BMI.

  • § Further adjustment for ever having had a full-term pregnancy.