Table 2.

Frequency distributions of minor alleles among control subjects by ethnic group

SNPs*Minor allele*Restriction site presentCaucasians (n = 148)Japanese (n = 173)Other Asian (n = 27)Filipino (n = 79)Hawaiians (n = 106)Mixed (n = 41)P, χ2 test
rs10735810 (FokI)T (f)Yes0.380.250.480.300.360.400.04
rs11568820 (Cdx-2)A0.180.440.440.460.450.35<0.0001
rs731236 (TaqI)C (t)Yes0.410.<0.0001
rs7975232 (ApaI)C (a)Yes0.500.680.800.780.490.65<0.0001
rs1544410 (BsmI)A (B)No0.420.<0.0001
  • * Minor allele in Caucasians. Nomenclature is based on the National Center of Biotechnology Information. In brackets, variant allele designations often used in publications.