Table 1.

Outcomes of telephone screening for control recruitment

Total telephone numbers called57,066
Ineligible telephone number34,565
    Non-business (institutions, group quarters, data-lines, cell phones)3,393
Unknown if residential telephone number4,733
Known residential telephone number17,768
    Unknown if individual eligible3,207
        Answering machine on all attempts1,070
        Refused age/county questions1,382
        Age/county eligible, ovarian status unknown*380
        Other (language/communication barrier)375
    Respondent screened14,561
        Not eligible13,000
            Did not fit age/county eligibility or frequency matching criteria12,511
            No ovaries470
            Prior ovarian cancer5
            Selected woman had communication barrier14
            Not interviewed248
  • * We estimate 77% of these women may have had at least one ovary.