Table 2.

Median adipokine levels by season and stability of single spot measurements using ICCs and the bootstrap method

ICCr (95%CI),
All seasonsWinterSpringSummerFallP§
Classic cytokines
    IL-1β0. (0.78-0.90)
    IL- (0.74-0.87)
    IL-82.702.952.572.912.640.8060.510.63 (0.49-0.75)
    TNF-α1.961.701.822.112.010.4760.480.62 (0.52-0.77)
Acute-phase proteins
    PAI-113.5113.6414.2013.0814.100.6260.440.57 (0.39-0.71)
    hsCRP3. (0.58-0.81)
Inflammation-related proteins
    MCP-1114.99123.25116.10108.90110.950.2440.700.83 (0.76-0.88)
    NGF11.8611.8011.8011.8013.510.7820.690.78 (0.70-0.85)
    Leptin2.822.483.272.892.740.7260.740.84 (0.69-0.90)
    Adiponectin4.204.064.553.934.910.9440.810.89 (0.76-0.94)
Miscellaneous proteins
    HGF411.67322.44380.40527.84472.100.5200.830.89 (0.83-0.94)
    Resistin5.585.345.635.355.920.1850.490.62 (0.41-0.81)
  • NOTE: r, correlation between a randomly chosen sample for each of the 48 study participants and the mean from the remaining three seasonal samples based on bootstrapping analysis.

    Abbreviation: 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.

  • * Values are medians, n = 48 men who participated in the adipokine study and had one sample drawn each season (192 measurements for all seasons). Units for adipokine levels are picograms per milliliter, with the exception of PAI-1, leptin, and resistin (ng/mL), adiponectin (μg/mL), and hsCRP (mg/L).

  • From log-transformed data.

  • Correlations between a randomly chosen individual measurement and averaged measurements, estimated using the bootstrap method.

  • § ANOVA test.