Table 3.

Crude incidence rate and race-specific and age- and sex-adjusted HRs (95% CI) of cancer by presence of PCSK9 variants, ARIC, 1987-2000

No. developing cancerPerson-yearsIncidence rateHR (95% CI)
All cancer
        Neither variant42837,44511.43
        PCSK9142X or PCSK9679X79377.470.66 (0.31-1.39)
        Neither variant1,253107,34111.67
        PCSK946L333,6659.000.77 (0.54-1.09)
Colorectal cancer
        Neither variant4438,6291.14
        PCSK9142X or PCSK9679X29542.101.87 (0.45-7.71)
        Neither variant129111,7771.15
        PCSK946L53,7751.321.16 (0.47-2.83)
Lung cancer
        Neither variant6138,7201.58
        PCSK9142X or PCSK9679X19591.040.69 (0.10-4.97)
        Neither variant186112,0181.66
        PCSK946L23,7930.530.32 (0.08-1.28)
Breast cancer (women)
        Neither variant8123,9563.38
        PCSK9142X or PCSK9679X16451.550.45 (0.06-3.26)
        Neither variant25958,0274.46
        PCSK946L61,9963.000.67 (0.30-1.50)
Prostate cancer
        Neither variant12014,0908.52
        PCSK9142X or PCSK9679X13153.170.35 (0.05-2.50)
        Neither variant23451,8794.51
        PCSK946L91,7395.181.14 (0.59-2.23)