Table 3.

Effects of a folate and riboflavin supplement on blood and colon biochemical variables

VariableTreatment group
PlaceboLow folate*Low folate + riboflavinHigh folate
Plasma 5MeTHF (nmol/L)Mean44.381.7§82.1§114.4§
Mucosal 5MeTHF (nmol/g)Mean0.691.12§1.4§1.3§
Lower CI0.560.941.161.08
Upper CI0.841.341.691.55
Plasma tHcy (μmol/L)Mean13.211.3§10.9§11.7§
Lower CI12.310.610.110.9
Upper CI14.312.111.712.5
Lower CI1.351.331.21.37
Upper CI1.441.411.261.45
Plasma riboflavin (nmol/L)Mean11.510.123.8§10.4
Lower CI9.68.620.38.8
Upper CI13.711.928.012.2
Plasma flavins (nmol/L)Mean67.567.384.1§62.1
Lower CI61.662.178.856.7
Upper CI73.472.689.467.4
  • NOTE: Covariates appearing in the model were evaluated on the basis of the following values: baseline plasma folate, 41.2 nmol/L; age, 60.7 years; baseline colon folate, 0.65 nmol/g; baseline plasma tHcy, 13.03 μmol/L; baseline EGRAC, 1.37; baseline plasma riboflavin, 10.89 nmol/L; total plasma flavins, 66.5 nmol/L.

    Abbreviation: tHcy, total homocysteine.

  • * 400 μg of folic acid daily.

  • 400 μg of folic acid plus 5 mg of riboflavin.

  • 1,200 μg of folic acid daily.

  • § Significantly different from placebo effect (P < 0.05), P < 0.01.

  • Analysis on log-transformed data; geometric mean and 95% CI are reported.