Table 2.

Descriptive characteristics for knowledge, psychosocial correlates, and perceived benefits and barriers to MSI testing

VariableMean (SD)RangePossible range
MSI knowledge0.18 (0.23)0-0.820-1.00
Media exposure to MSI testing0.14 (0.34)0-10-1.00
Perceived risk for cancer recurrence87.61 (46.65)0-2000-200
Self-efficacy7.83 (3.18)4-164-20
Cancer-specific distress28.63 (17.98)0-87.60-110
Family support for MSI testing5.83 (1.77)2-82-8
Physician support for MSI testing6.29 (1.50)2-82-8
Perceived benefits of MSI testing45.72 (6.22)25-5614-56
Perceived barriers of MSI testing17.62 (5.35)10-3410-40