Table 4.

Combined effects of polymorphisms in NER pathway genes on breast cancer risk, Long Island breast cancer study project, 1996-1997

Number of high risk alleles*CasesControlsOdds Ratio (95% CI)
Low risk (0-3)2683351.00
Intermediate risk (4-6)7427281.29 (1.07-1.56)
High risk (7-8)57481.47 (0.97-2.24)
  • * Includes ERCC1 (variant A allele), XPA (wild-type G allele), XPD (variant Asn312 allele), and XPF (wild-type Arg415 allele). The polymorphism for XPD (Lys751Gln) was excluded due to strong linkage disequilibrium with XPD (Asp312Asn), and XPG (Asp1104His) was excluded due to equivocal breast cancer risk associated with the wild-type and variant alleles.

  • Adjusted for age.

  • Referent group.