Table 3.

Number and type of Ki-ras mutation, effected codon, and amino acid change

CodonType of mutation*No. of mutations (%)Wild-type codon (amino acids)Mutated codon (amino acids)Altered amino acids
12 (n = 112)G-to-T57 (41.3%)GGT (Gly)GTT (Val)45 (32.6)
TGT (Cys)12 (8.7)
G-to-A44 (31.9)GAT (Asp)32 (23.2)
AGT (Ser)12 (8.7)
G-to-C10 (7.2)GCT (Ala)8 (5.8)
CGT (Arg)2 (1.4)
T-to-C1 (0.7)GGC (Gly)No change
13 (n = 26)G-to-T2 (1.4)GGC (Gly)TGC (Arg)2 (1.4)
G-to-A23 (16.7)GAC (Asp)22 (15.9)
GAC (Asp)1 (0.7)
G-to-C1 (0.7)AGC (Ser)1 (0.7)
  • * For seven subjects, two mutations were found and are included.

  • Amino acids abbreviated as follows: glycine (Gly), valine (Val), cysteine (cys), aspartic acid (Asp), alanine (Ala), arginine (Arg), and serine (Ser).