Table 1.

Median serum concentrations of free IGF-I, IGFBP-1, leptin, insulin, and glucose and macronutrient intakes for the intervention and control groups at baseline and 12 months and the corresponding P values (Wilcoxon rank-sum test for the difference between intervention and controls at baseline and 12 months of follow-up)

12 mo
Free IGF-I (ng/mL)*0.2
IGFBP-1 (ng/mL)38.944.50.740.0345.40.6
Leptin (ng/mL)18.920.20.518.219.30.6
Insulin (μU/mL)
Glucose (mg/dL)*84.3*0.5
Dietary fat intake(g/d)*37.4*0.0001
Dietary carbohydrate intake (g/d)245.5241.00.8228.8*261.3*0.0001
Dietary fiber intake (g/d)20.319.70.420.229.0*0.0001
Dietary protein intake (g/d)65.566.70.365.865.80.8
Body mass index25.825.70.426.0*25.90.5
  • * Significant difference (P < 0.05) within the intervention or control group at 12 months compared with baseline.