Table 4.

Spearman rank correlation coefficients for continuous exposure measures and 1-OHPG levels (pmol/mL) in urine

48-h Exposure measureReported rangeSubjects (n)Spearman correlation coefficientP
Meals eaten with grilled meat0-43000.160.01
No. cigarettes smoked0-403040.130.02
Hours of secondhand smoke exposure0-163040.120.04
Hours of travel on roads0-83040.090.11
Meals cooked by grilling, etc.0-33010.040.47
Residential traffic density*0-687,250304−0.040.52
Workplace traffic density*0-1,499,208221−0.090.17
  • * Traffic density (VMT/d/mi2) within 500 feet of a location.