Table 3.

Differences in means with regard to attitudes, social modeling and support, and self-efficacy expectations between frequent (n = 106) and infrequent (n = 496) users of sunscreen (ranges between −2 and 2)

Frequent usersInfrequent usersTP<
    Total attitude toward sunscreen0.260.247.1340.001
        Sunscreen slows down tanning−
        Sunscreen is greasy0.580.872.7310.007
        Sunscreen is important0.88−0.158.1710.001
        Sunscreen is easy0.420.053.3180.001
        Sunscreen is pleasant0.31−0.164.0430.001
    Total attitude toward tanning−0.67−0.63−0.504NS
        Tanning is healthy−0.15−0.10−0.524NS
        Tanning is pleasant−0.99−0.89−0.948NS
        A tan is important−0.87−0.920.548NS
    Sunscreen regret0.490.112.8720.004
    Skin cancer regret1.611.323.0010.003
Social influence
    Social influence for sunscreen0.770.207.6140.001
        Modeling sunscreen0.690.076.8610.001
        Modeling sunscreen by parents0.830.125.6980.001
        Modeling sunscreen by friends0.550.015.3290.001
    Social support for sunscreen0.58−0.036.1570.001
        Social support for sunscreen by parents1.390.637.1420.001
        Social support for sunscreen by friends−0.24−0.673.5150.001
    Total norm score1.050.575.6520.001
        Social norm of parents1.440.964.6880.001
        Social norm of friends0.650.174.5470.001
    Pressure from friends to tan irresponsibly−0.58−0.66−0.688NS
    Self-efficacy about sunscreen0.730.064.5360.001
    Social self-efficacy0.800.402.9600.003