Table 2.

Differences in means with regard to predisposing factors, tanning behavior, sun behavior, and awareness between frequent (n = 106) and infrequent (n = 496) users of sunscreen

Frequent usersInfrequent usersTP<
Predisposing factors
    Risk behavior: smoking (0;1)0.890.802.470.034
    Risk behavior: alcohol (0;4)2.502.242.150.032
    Confidence about tanning responsibly (0;4)3.032.485.690.001
Tanning behavior
    Exposure to sun (0;4)2.662.993.150.002
    Frequency of painful sunburns (0;4)
    Frequency of sun bed use (0;4)0.840.77−0.55NS
Sun protection
    Protection by seeking the shade (0;4)2.341.696.5130,000
    Protection by clothing (0;4)1.871.267.1170,000
Awareness factors
    Knowledge about sunscreen (0;1)0.420.390.57NS
    Response efficacy (−2;2)0.410.033.040.002
    Perception of personal risk (−2;2)−0.38−0.380.44NS
    Perception of risk to others (−2;2)−0.38−0.13−2.420.017
    Perception of risk in young people compared with adults (−2;2)0.520.351.53NS
    Seriousness of sunburn (−2;2)0.450.083.170.002
    Seriousness of skin cancer (−2;2)1.691.472.480.014
    Cue to action: campaign (−2;2)
    Cue to action: sunburn (−2;2)1.440.954.640.001
    Cue to action: knowing someone with skin cancer (0;1)