Table 3.

Association between continuous scale breast density and Gail model risk

MeasureRisk group mean
Difference95% CIRegression
Subjective percent density20.1238.20+18.08+8.11 to +28.050.520.014
TOA29.0046.44+17.44+8.53 to +26.680.480.007
TOV41.8261.07+19.25+8.05 to +30.440.620.002
DOA9.7320.80+11.07+4.85 to +17.280.300.038
DOV16.4532.72+16.27+7.12 to +25.410.520.008
PD16.0729.57+13.50+6.48 to +20.520.340.026
  • * β coefficients represent percentage change in density for every percentage increase in lifetime breast cancer risk as predicted by the Gail model.