Table 3.

Characteristics of studies on mammographic features in relation to breast cancer risk conducted in symptomatic populations

First author, y (ref.)Study design. Study population characteristics. Matching variables if applicable (Match). Variables adjusted for in analysis (Adj)No. cases: noncasesAge (y)Mammographic feature
Studies using prospective (prediagnostic) mammograms
Wolfe, 1976 (62)Cohort: mammography attendees at Hutzel hospital, United States; cases diagnosed 0.5-3.5 y after negative mammogram.30-60+Wolfe
    Study 11967-197420:1,910
    Study 21972-1975. Adj: none.56:5,228
Egan, 1979 (60)Cohort: referrals to Emory University Clinic, United States, 1963-1977; cases diagnosed at least 0.5 y after negative mammogram. Adj: A.131:6,33435-70+Wolfe
Studies using concurrent (diagnostic) mammograms
Peyster, 1977 (63)CC. Cases and controls: referrals to Massachusetts General Hospital, United States, 1972-1976. Adj: A.402:1,03630-60+Wolfe
Brebner, 1978 (65)XS. Referrals for mammography at Johannesburg General Hospital, South Africa. Adj: A.300:2,702<20-60+Wolfe
Egan, 1979 (60)XS. As for Egan 1979, but cases diagnosis and timing of breast density measurement are concurrent. Adj: A.658:13,46530-70+Wolfe
Boyd, 1982 (64)CC. Cases: Women's College Hospital, Canada, 1973-1979; controls: diagnostic referral service. Match: A, YR.183:18340-65Wolfe
Tabar, 1982 (49)CC. Cases: Kopparberg County screening program, Sweden; controls: referred for mammography. Adj: A.183:1,67440-75+Wolfe
Kojima, 1984 (61)XS. Women who underwent xeromammography at Kyoto Prefectual University of Medicine, Japan, 1978-1982. Majority had clinical breast disease. Adj: A.91:74630-60+Wolfe
Wolfe, 1987 (31)MCC. Cases: Hutzel hospital, United States, 1979-1982; controls: screened at the same hospital, generally symptomatic. Match: YR, A, R, AFB, FH. Adj: no other.160:16030-85Wolfe, PD
  • Abbreviations: CC, case-control; A, age; AFB, age at first birth; FH, family history of breast cancer; R, race/ethnicity; WT, weight; YR, year; MCC, matched case-control; XS, cross-sectional study.