Table 1.

Association between p53 protein accumulation and p53 nucleotide changes in benign breast tissue and risk of breast cancer

p53 changeLevelNo. cases*No. controlsUnadjusted OR (95% CI)Adjusted OR (95% CI)
Present21491.87 (0.99-3.53)2.16 (1.08-4.30)
p53 nucleotide change§Wild-type4619011
Present361371.28 (0.73-2.24)1.22 (0.68-2.19)
Nucleotide change and/or immunopositivityBoth absent§4217611
Change−, immuno+4171.18 (0.35-3.99)1.27 (0.37-4.36)
Change+, immuno−231101.08 (0.57-2.03)1.03 (0.52-2.01)
Change+, immuno+13243.37 (1.33-8.51)3.20 (1.21-8.50)
  • * Unmatched distributions (matched ORs cannot be calculated directly from these numbers).

  • Adjusted for age at menarche, age at first live birth, menopausal status, Quetelet's index, family history of breast cancer in a first-degree relative, and epithelial hyperplasia.

  • Reference category.

  • § Includes all exonic and intronic changes.