Table 3.

Predictors of Ki-67 expression in ductal lavage in a consecutive series of 80 women at increased risk of breast cancer

No expression Ki-67* = 0 (N = 29)Expression Ki-67 > 0 (N = 51)OR (95% CI)P
    No26 (55%)21 (45%)Reference0.0001
    Yes3 (±9%)30 (91%)11.7 (2.9-46.8)
Total cell count per slide§
    Tertile I (≤23,030)15 (60%)10 (40%)Reference0.002
    Tertile II (23,031-91,640)11 (38%)18 (62%)2.3 (0.6-8.0)
    Tertile III (>91,640)3 (12%)22 (88%)10.6 (2.2-51.2)
  • * No cell expressing Ki-67.

  • From a logistic regression model with the presence of Ki-67 expression as outcome measure and atypia and cell count per slide as predictors. No other variable including ductal cell count per slide significantly improved the model (all P > 0.1).

  • Likelihood ratio test for the inclusion of atypia in the model and test for trend for the inclusion of total cell count per slide in the model.

  • § Total cell count per slide was unknown in 1 woman; therefore, the estimated ORs and P values derive from a model applied to 79 women.