Table 2.

Association between risk group and cytologic atypia in nipple duct lavage in women at increased risk of breast cancer

Risk groupNormal (N = 91)Atypical (N = 61)OR (95% CI)*P
High risk (Gail model)50 (67%)25 (33%)Reference0.10
High risk (BRCA)16 (64%)9 (36%)1.13 (0.44-2.90)
Contralateral breast cancer25 (48%)27 (52%)2.16 (1.04-4.46)
  • NOTE: Atypia includes C3 to C5 categories (see Materials and Methods). A total of 30 women were excluded because of inadequate cytology.

  • * From a logistic regression model with the presence of atypia as outcome measure and risk-group as predictor. Potential predictors listed in Table 1 were not associated with cytologic atypia (all P > 0.1). Total cell count was not a predictor of atypia (P = 0.01).

  • Likelihood ratio test for the inclusion of the variable in the model.