Table 3.

HRs by genotype for the prostate cancer cases in the Melbourne arm of the Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer study

Cases, N = 638*Deaths from prostate cancer, N = 68 (%)HR (95% CI)P
PSA gene (rs925013)
    AA38139 (10)Reference0.2
    AG21723 (11)1.2 (0.7-2.1)
    GG406 (15)2.3 (1-5.6)
    AA38139 (10)Reference0.2
    AG, GG25729 (11)1.4 (0.8-2.3)
    AA, AG59862 (10)Reference0.1
    GG406 (15)2.1 (0.9-5)
PSA gene (rs266882)
    AA16414 (9)Reference0.8
    AG30932 (10)1.0 (0.5-1.9)
    GG16121 (13)1.2 (0.6-2.4)
    AA16414 (9)Reference0.9
    AG, GG47053 (11)1.1 (0.6-2)
    AA, AG47346 (10)Reference0.5
    GG16121 (13)1.2 (0.7-2.1)
  • * Two cases were excluded because grade or tumor stage was not available.

  • HRs from Cox models where the event of interest was death from prostate cancer. Cases that did not die from prostate cancer were censored at death from other causes or at the end of follow-up (December 31, 2004). The Cox models were adjusted for age at diagnosis, country of birth, family history of prostate cancer (presence of at least one first-degree relative diagnosed of prostate cancer), history of smoking (never, former, and current smoker), and tumor stage (stage I-II, III, and IV) and grade (Gleason score 5-7 or moderately differentiated and Gleason score 8-10 or poorly differentiated).

  • Statistical significance for association between genotype and disease-specific survival from likelihood ratio test.