Table 1.

List of studied genes and SNPs

GeneFunctionPolymorphismdbSNP no.Variant phenotype
IL1BProinflammatory, primary initiator of inflammatory response−31C>Trs1143627C allele: increased expression (2)
IL4Regulates antibody production, attenuates inflammatory response−584C>Trs2243250T allele: Increased transcriptional activity (29, 30)
IL5Hematopoietic growth factor, promotes growth and differentiation of eosinophils−745C>Trs2069812
IL6Proinflammatory, initiator of inflammatory response, growth factor for cancer cells−174C>Grs1800795G allele: increased expression (31)
IL8Proinflammatory chemokine, activates neutrophils−251A>Trs4073A allele: increased expression (22)
IL10Anti-inflammatory, regulates T-cell and macrophage function−819C>Trs1800871In LD with −592 C>A SNP which is linked to reduced expression (27, 28)
−1082A>Grs1800896A allele: reduced expression
IL13Anti-inflammatory, suppresses IL1, IL6, and IL8 production−1069C>Trs1800925T allele: increased expression (32)
LTAProinflammatory, stimulates prostaglandin synthesis, induces reactive oxygen species production in neutrophilsIVS1−82G>Crs746868
TNFProinflammatory, key immunomediator−308A>Grs1800629A allele: higher transcriptional activation (33, 34)
PPARGAnti-inflammatory, tumor suppressor and promoter propertiesEx4−49C>G (Pro12Ala)rs1801282Ala allele: reduced ligand binding (35)
PTGS2Converts arachidonic acid to prostaglandins, thereby promoting inflammatory response−765C>Grs20417C allele: reduced expression (36)