Box 2.

Quotations to illustrate each of the major themes

Cancer vaccines: Complacency effect
    G: You also don't want the children to become complacent and think “Well, I've been vaccinated, I'll just go out now and I'll…”
    L: And smoke twenty fags.
    G: Exactly, and “I'll be fine.” (group 3)
STI vaccines: Positive attitudes to protection
    I would, yeah, especially having two girls, yeah, definitely. They're going to get older and, God forbid, but yeah, if they chose to have, you know, a few partners, sexual partners, then that's up to them, but if there's a vaccine that's going to prevent them from getting anything that I wouldn't want them to get or they wouldn't want to have, then yeah, definitely. I'd definitely be up for that. (L., group 1)
STI vaccines: Mode of transmission not relevant
    Is it morally acceptable for someone to sneeze on someone when they've got some horrendous flu? Or that they had consenting sex with someone, and they pass something on? I mean where is the moral differentiation? (L.K., group 4)
Vaccine concerns: Effect of too many vaccinations
    Is there a point at which the body has too many vaccinations and does something different with them? One thing we didn't like was injecting them with three diseases when they're babies. I would want to be reassured about that. (C., group 3)
HPV vaccine: An end to smears?
    An injection for my daughter to save her a life time of smear (Pap) tests, I'd go for the injection every single time, without a shadow of a doubt, as long as it was properly researched. (L., group 3)
HPV vaccine: discussion with children
    So it's easier to give it to younger children by saying “It's to prevent … cancer” than saying to them “You're having this because when you're older you're going to have sex and you're going to get all these horrible diseases.” (G., group 3)
HPV vaccine: 9 years is too young
    Ly: They're innocent at 9. They don't do things like that.
    D: It's not thinkable is it, your 9-year-old doing anything like that? (group 1)