Table 2.

Baseline characteristics (medians and proportions) by case-noncase status for NHL and MM, ATBC Study cohort, 1985-2001 (N = 27,111)

CharacteristicsNoncases* (n = 26,818)NHL cases (n = 195)MM cases (n = 32)
Body mass index (kg/m2)26.025.826.6
Height (cm)174.0174.0174.0
Smoking history
    Years smoked36.040.039.5
Education (%)
    Elementary school or less787775
    Up to junior high school141419
    High school or more896
Serum HDL (mmol/L)
Family history of cancer (%)322522
History of rheumatoid arthritis (%)2.84.10
Foods/nutrients (per day)§
    Folate (μg)326331324
    Vitamin B12 (μg)10.19.410.2
    Vitamin B6 (mg)
    Vitamin B2 (mg)
    Methionine (g)2.001.981.99
    Alcohol (g)11.08.310.9
    Vitamin D (μg)
    Fish (g)32.728.628.3
    ω-3 fatty acids from fish (g)0.410.340.39
  • NOTE: Nonparametric Wilcoxon rank-sum tests were used for continuous variables, and χ2 tests were done on categorical variables.

  • Abbreviation: HDL, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

  • * In total, 293 of 27,111 people with dietary data developed hematopoietic cancers: data on 11 Hodgkin lymphoma and 55 nonlymphoid cancers are not presented due to small numbers.

  • P < 0.05.

  • P < 0.01.

  • § All nutrient and food variables, except alcohol, were energy adjusted using the residual method (23) to account for their significant correlations with energy.