Table 4.

Associations of self-reported infectious disease history with non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Cases (n = 694)Controls (n = 694)Adjusted OR* (95% CI)Pheterogeneity
    Ever5275401.03 (0.79-1.34)0.83
Otitis media
    Ever1811771.07 (0.84-1.37)0.58
Vaginal thrush (women)
    Ever1151380.77 (0.54-1.08)0.13
Rheumatic fever
    Ever24201.24 (0.68-2.27)0.49
    Ever10130.78 (0.34-1.81)0.57
    Ever841.86 (0.55-6.29)0.30
Hepatitis B
    Ever10120.80 (0.34-1.88)0.61
Hepatitis C
    Ever751.48 (0.47-4.72)0.50
Other hepatitis
    Ever34321.07 (0.65-1.77)0.78
Gastric or duodenal ulcer
    Ever58670.84 (0.58-1.22)0.37
Diarrhea lasting >1 month
    Ever19191.02 (0.53-1.96)0.95
    Ever16111.40 (0.64-3.07)0.39
Amoebic dysentery
    Ever460.66 (0.18-2.37)0.52
Other tropical infectious disease
    Ever7110.60 (0.23-1.57)0.29
One or more tropical infectious disease
    Ever24280.81 (0.46-1.43)0.47
  • * Adjusted for the matching variables (age as a continuous variable, sex, and geographic area) and ethnicity.

  • Excluding one case and one control who gave nonspecific descriptions of the disease.

  • Malaria, amoebic dysentery, or other tropical infectious disease (mainly dengue virus and Ross River virus), including one control who reported malaria and another nonspecific tropical disease and excluding one case who reported a nonspecific tropical disease only.