Table 2.

Exposure and outcome definitions

AuthorsExposure (source)Exposure (definitions)
Outcome (source)Outcome (definitions)
BMI reference*BMI overweightBMI obeseBMI overweight + obese
Brown (11)Self-report BMI 5y before diagnosis<23.126.6-28.9≥28.9+≥26.6Cancer registry and chart reviewAE and CA combined
Chen (12)Self-report BMI 7-9 y before the study<2525-28≥28≥25Cancer registry and pathology reportAE
Cheng (13)Self-report BMI at age 20 y<19.5≥22.7Cancer registry and pathology reportAE
Chow (14)Self-report BMI 1 y before diagnosis<23≥27Cancer registryAE, CA separated
Engeland (15)Measured BMI at the enrollment of the study18.5-2525-30≥30≥25Cancer registryAE
Incarbone (19)Measured BMI at the enrollment of the study<2525-28≥28≥25Medical recordAE and CA combined
Ji (48)Self-report BMI 1 y before diagnosis<19.5≥22.2Medical recordCA
Kabat (18)Self-report BMI 5 y before diagnosis<22≥28≥28Medical recordAE (distal) and CA combined
Lagergren (16)Self-report BMI 20 y before diagnosis<22.325-30≥30≥25.6Cancer registryAE, CA separated
Lindblad (10)Measured BMI 2 y before diagnosis20-2525-30≥30≥25General Practitioner Research databaseAE, CA separated
Tran (49)Measured BMI at the enrollment of the study<20≥23Monthly visit by health workersCA
Wu (47)Self-report BMI 1 y before diagnosis<23≥28≥28Cancer registryAE, CA separated
Zhang (20)Self-report BMI at diagnosis<2525-28≥28≥25Medical recordAE and CA combined
Zhang (50)Self-report BMI before diagnosis18.5-24≥28≥24Cancer hospital recordCA
  • * If different BMI quartiles were provided for each gender, we report only the male values.

  • These values were calculated from the mean BMI and BMI distribution.