Table 5.

ICCs among select groups of women across three blood collections

Endogenous factorICCs
Follicular SamplesLuteal samples
Excluding anovulatory cycles* (n = 3 women excluded; 25 cycles excluded)
    Free estradiol0.220.48
    Estrone sulfate0.590.72
Excluding women who were postmenopausal within 4 y of the final blood sample (n = 11 women excluded)
    Free estradiol0.220.45
    Estrone sulfate0.590.69
Excluding women with >1 kg/m2 change in body mass index across the three blood samples (n = 66 women excluded)
    Free estradiol0.080.34
    Estrone sulfate0.430.69
Excluding women whose luteal collection varied by >±2 d across the three blood samples (n = 69 women excluded)
    Free estradiol0.49
    Estrone sulfate0.64
  • NOTE: See Table 1 for abbreviations.

  • * Anovulatory cycles were defined by a progesterone level of <400 ng/dL (n = 22 cycles from 19 women). Three women were anovulatory during two sampled menstrual cycles and were excluded from these analyses.