Table 1.

Characteristics of 41,458 men in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study, by alcohol consumption, at baseline (1986)

Baseline alcohol consumption
0 g/d (n = 9,417)0.1-4.9 g/d (n = 10,189)5.0-14.9 g/d (n = 11,522)15.0-29.9 g/d (n = 5,565)≥30 g/d (n = 4,765)
Age, mean in years54.053.153.653.755.2
Amount of alcohol consumed (g/d)
    Total, mean02.59.720.145.9
    As beer00.63.35.916.6
    As wine01.
    As liquor00.63.37.422.1
Consumed <25% of alcohol with meals (%)*028373643
Days per week alcohol was consumed (mean no.)
Cigarette smoking status and quantity
    Never (%)6151433625
    Past (%)3038455354
    Current (%)667817
    ≥35 cigarettes/d (%)1516151618
    <10 y since quit smoking (%)3229293135
    <15 y of age at start of smoking (%)456810
Chewing tobacco ever-user (%)43447
Pipe or cigar user (%)457911
Recently had a routine physical exam (%)5153545451
Multivitamin user (%)4041434444
Fruit intake (servings/d)
Dentist by profession (%)5657596057
  • NOTE: All measurements were taken at baseline (1986), except for the percentage of alcohol consumed with meals (1994) and recent physical exam (1988). Except for age, all variables were adjusted by direct standardization to the age distribution of the entire study population.

  • * The percentage of alcohol consumed with meals was asked in the 1994 questionnaire.

  • Quantity smoked was calculated among current smokers only. Years since quit smoking was calculated among past smokers only. Age at start smoking was calculated among past and current smokers. Categories of smoking status do not add up to 100% due to rounding and missing data.

  • Recent physical exam was asked in the 1988 questionnaire.