Table 1.

Weighted percentages and SEs of Hispanic respondents in the year 2000 NHIS who reported having heard of genetic tests for increased cancer risk by population characteristics

Population characteristicsUnweighted frequencies*Heard of tests (%)SE (%)
All combined4,31320.60.8
Acculturation factors
    English language preference* (P = 0.00)
    Language of interview* (P = 0.00)
        Only English2,30428.71.3
        Spanish and English50710.31.6
        Only Spanish1,41910.71.1
    Born in United States* (P = 0.00)
    Hispanic ethnicity* (P = 0.00)
        Mexican American1,06525.81.9
        Puerto Rican43727.33.0
        Cuban/Cuban American30619.52.4
    Gender (P = 0.10)
    Region of United States (P = 0.08)
    Education* (P = 0.00)
        <High school2,07211.11.0
        Completed high school95420.41.6
        1-4 y of college1,11634.21.8
    Age* (P = 0.01)
        25-39 y2,03220.71.1
        40-59 y1,52221.51.2
        60+ y75918.12.0
Personal and family history of cancer
    Self (P = 0.08; P = 0.19 for breast ovarian, others, and never had cancer)
        Yes (any cancer)10631.44.9
            Breast, ovarian, or colorectal cancer only3731.49.0
            Other Cancers6931.46.2
    Parents' history of cancer* (P = 0.04; P = 0.05 for breast ovarian, others, and never had cancer)
        Yes (any cancer)71325.32.2
            Breast, ovarian, or colorectal cancer only16631.74.3
            Other Cancers54723.42.3
Health care factors
    Time since last saw or talked with a health professional* (P = 0.00)
        <1 y3,11322.41.0
        >1 y or never1,19116.61.3
    Health insurance* (P = 0.00)
        Private or military2,02527.41.2
Health behaviors and beliefs
    Vitamin supplement use* (P = 0.00)
    Vigorous physical activity* (P = 0.00)
        At least some1,19532.21.7
    Perceived cancer risk in self* (P = 0.00)
    Perceived cancer occurrence in family* (P = 0.00)
  • NOTE: Prevalence estimates are weighted to account for the survey design.

  • * Frequencies for individual variables may not add up to 4,313 due to item nonresponse and ‘don’t know' responses.