Table 2.

EOR per pack-year of smoking with adjustment for smoking intensity with case subjects restricted by histologic type

Type* (cases)βφ1φ2PβP§
SQ (2,411)0.02472.26−0.404<0.0010.009140.50
SM (795)0.0003954.65−0.788<0.0010.005830.22
LG (336)0.003653.38−0.642<0.0010.004160.07
AD (562)0.0002973.87−0.6560.010.001410.81
  • NOTE: Model: EOR = β×d×exp{φ1ln(n) + φ2ln(n)2}, where d is pack-years of exposure and n is cigarettes smoked per day. All models were adjusted for center, age, and sex.

  • * Histologic types include squamous cell carcinoma (SQ), small cell carcinoma (SM), large cell carcinoma (LG), and adenocarcinoma (AD).

  • P value for hypothesis test of no intensity effects, φ1 = 0 and φ2 = 0.

  • Estimated EOR/pack-year with φ1 and φ2 fixed at their values based on all cases and controls; i.e., φ1 = 2.89 and φ2 = −0.504.

  • § P value for the 2 degree of freedom likelihood ratio test of fit with β estimated and φ1 and φ2 fixed at their values from all data.