Table 1.

Demographic and behavioral factors among study discontinuers and continuers

FactorDiscontinuers* (n = 175)Continuers (n = 295)P for χ2
Education: ≤12 y vs 12+ y61.5%60.0%0.52
Current marital status0.67
    Divorced or separated15.4%14.2%
Current vs nonsmoker30.9%26.8%0.64
Pap test result when referred into study
    LSIL vs ASCUS twice74.9%69.7%0.36
    High-risk HPV positive vs negative at baseline25.4%21.7%0.29
Current contraceptive use
    Barrier method24.0%26.1%0.24
    Oral contraceptives43.4%55.9%0.03
    No method24.6%17.0%Reference
  • Abbreviations: LSIL, low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions; ASCUS, atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance.

  • * Discontinuation of follow-up before the third visit.

  • Continued follow-up beyond the third visit.

  • Reference group.