Table 2.

Clinicopathologic features of the 22 non–small cell lung cancer patients

Patient no.Detection methodTNMHistologySize (cm)YearsPack-yearsSmoking status*
1SDT: CT scanT1N0M0ADC1.65845Smoker
2SDT: CT scanT1N0M0SQC1.84920Smoker
3SDT: CT scanT1N0M0SQC2.05875Ex-smoker
4SDT: CT scanT2N0M0ADC1.76292Ex-smoker
5SDT: CT scanT1N0M0SQC0.660102.5Ex-smoker
6SDT: CT scanT1N0M0SQC0.96560Smoker
7SDT: CT scanT1N0M0ADC1.15462.5Smoker
8SDT: CT scanT1N0M0ADC1.25563Smoker
9SDT: CT scanT1N0M0SQC1.35630Smoker
10SDT: CT scanT1N0M0ADC0.86524Ex-smoker
11SDT: CT scanT1N0M0ADC2.58282.5Ex-smoker
12NSDT: symptomsT1N0M0ADC1.8817Ex-smoker
13NSDT: symptomsT1N0M0SQC2.07096Smoker
14NSDT: CT scanT1N0M0SQC2.57213.5Smoker
15NSDT: NAT2N0M0ADC3.867132Smoker
16NSDT: CXRT1N0M0SQC1.363100Ex-smoker
17NSDT: CXRT1N0M0SQC2.5750Nonsmoker
18NSDT: CT scanT1N0M0ADC1.05950Smoker
19NSDT: NAT1N0M0ADC2.042NASmoker
20NSDT: CXRT1N0M0SQC2.56480Smoker
21NSDT: CT scanT1N0M0ADC1.77230Ex-smoker
22NSDT: CXRT1N0M0ADC1.05818Smoker
  • NOTE: All the patients in this study were male.

    Abbreviations: SDT, screen detected tumors; NSDT, nonscreen-detected tumors; CXR, chest X-ray; SQC, squamous cell carcinoma; ADC, adenocarcinoma; NA, Not available

  • * at surgery.

  • Initial diagnosis was carried out in a different institution.