Table 1.

Mean or prevalence of age-standardized characteristics in 1986 by calcium intake (mg/d) of Health Professionals Follow-up Study

Dietary calcium
Supplemental calcium
Total calcium intake
<585 (Q1)≥933 (Q4)0>400<750≥1,500
Total calcium6091,2898521,6235771,878
Dietary calcium5041146780796592992
Supplemental calcium354008591278
Age (not standardized)53.754.253.757.253.455.8
Body mass index (kg/m2)24.924.925.024.625.024.9
Leisure time activity*18.721.520.726.119.423.1
Vigorous activity*10.813.312.517.411.315.4
Multivitamin use (%)
Current smoker (%)
Total fat (g/d)73.169.471.468.673.067.9
Saturated fat (g/d)23.925.424.522.924.324.5
α-linolenic acid (g/d)
Zinc (mg/d)19.922.019.058.816.345.9
Vitamin E (IU/d)941008440067258
Vitamin D (IU/d)263495342734245713
Red meat (servings/d)0.740.520.610.520.690.43
Fish (servings/d)0.390.360.380.460.390.38
Tomato sauce (servings/wk)1.00.880.960.990.990.84
Dairy foods (servings/d)
Lactose (g/d)7.930.915.114.05.430.3
PSA test ≥1 (%)93.293.693.694.493.293.5
PSA test ≥3 (%)72.073.873.476.072.376.4
  • * MET-hours of vigorous leisure time physical activity.

  • Men who had at least one PSA test between 1994 and 2000 and men who had at least three PSA tests between 1994 and 2000.