Table 1.

Age-standardized characteristics of the HPFS population at baseline 1986

Age (not standardized)54.454.0
Current married (%)82.190.4
Current smoking (%)14.19.9
Past smoking (%)43.743.3
Never smoking (%)41.146.2
Average pack-years (ever smokers only)19.325.7
Alcohol (g/d)8.111.5
BMI (kg/m2)26.125.5
Exercise (METS/wk)17.820.0
Region (%)
Hypertension (%)33.721.8
High cholesterol (%)10.612.5
High triglycerides (%)6.010.6
Diabetes history (%) (up to 1/2002)*18.09.3
No. teeth (%)
    Missing data6.31.9
Total fat (g/d)68.971.4
Total protein (g/d)91.292.5
Total carbohydrates (g/d)246234
Saturated fat (g/d)22.824.5
Fiber (g/d)21.021.0
Calcium (mg/d)763904
Red meat (servings/day)0.500.61
Fish (servings/day)0.470.38
Fruits (servings/day)2.72.4
Vegetables (servings/day)3.63.6
Current multivitamin use (%)38.941.9
Total folate (mg/d)474481
Total vitamin D (IU/d)354365
Screening variables (%)
    Physical exam (previous 2 y)85.577.7
    Rectal exam (previous 2 y)72.264.7
    Prostate-specific antigen test89.789.7
  • NOTE: Unless notified, all the variables are from 1986 baseline.

  • * Percentage of any self-reported diabetes up to January 2002.

  • Physical exam and digital rectal exam are from 1990 questionnaire; colonoscopy/sigmoidoscopy is the percentage of any colonoscopy/sigmoidoscopy in the lifetime up to January 2002; Prostate-specific antigen is the percentage of any Prostate-specific antigen test in the lifetime up to January 2002.