Table 4.

Benchmark and collapsed haplotypes in 334 genes

Collapsed benchmark haplotypes*
Benchmark haplotypes
Uniquely identifiedComposite (benchmarks represented)Missing
218 Genes (≥2 matched SNPs)507186 (437)0944
42 Genes (1 matched SNP)3846 (142)0180
74 Genes (0 matched SNPs)00335335
Total545232 (579)3351,459
  • * Haplotypes formed after collapsing benchmark haplotypes to the subset of EGP common SNPs matched in HapMap. Resulting haplotypes can either uniquely represent a single benchmark haplotype or, in the case of composites, represent two or more benchmark haplotypes. In genes where HapMap had no SNPs matching to EGP common SNPs, all collapsed haplotypes are missing.