Table 3.

Adjusted effects of covariates on smoking outcomes among resected lung cancer patients

Smoking at 3, 6, and 12 mo after surgery
Adjusted OR (95% CI)P*
Based on adjusted rates
    Some college (vs high school or less)2.73 (1.21-6.17)0.016
    Household income (per $5,000)0.86 (0.79-0.94)<0.001
    Quit duration before surgery (log-days)0.75 (0.6-0.95)0.017
    Appetitive cravings3.62 (2.1-6.22)<0.0001
Based on adjusted rates including dropouts
    Male (vs female)2.08 (1.00-4.32)0.050
    Married or living together (vs not)0.35 (0.16-0.77)0.009
    Used nicotine replacement therapy at baseline (vs not)1.93 (1.00-3.71)0.050
    Quit duration before surgery (log-days)0.75 (0.60-0.94)0.012
    Appetitive cravings2.74 (1.71-4.38)<0.0001
Time to smoking lapse

Adjusted hazard ratio (95% CI)
Household income (per $5,000)0.93 (0.89-0.98)0.003
Quit duration before surgery (log-days)0.75 (0.65-0.87)<0.001
Appetitive cravings1.57 (1.16-2.11)0.004
  • * Based on the Wald test.

  • Based on the likelihood ratio test.