Table 3.

Comparison of participant-reported skin response to sun on telephone recruitment form and self-reported participant profile

Participant profileTelephone eligibility
Always burn easily with blistering and peelingUsually burn, no blistering and some peelingBurn moderately, some degree of tanning or frecklingBurn minimally, tan easilyRarely or never burn, tan easilyTotal
Always burn, never tan, extremely sun sensitive11840023
Always burn, tan minimally, very sun sensitive614132136
Burn moderately, tan gradually and uniformly to light brown, sun sensitive313266048
Burn minimally, tan well to moderate brown, minimal sun sensitivity03913126
Rarely burn, tan well to dark brown, minimal sun sensitivity and never burn, deeply pigmented, sun insensitive0017210
  • NOTE: κ = 0.46; percentage agreement = 84%; 95% CI, 0.36-0.56.