Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of the study population by quintiles of energy-adjusted dietary pattern scores (Health Professionals Follow-up Study, 1986)

QuintilePrudent pattern
Western pattern
Age (y)51.554.355.755.953.952.4
Ancestry, Northern European (%)72.469.466.567.068.973.7
Southern European (%)21.923.826.324.823.721.5
Other (%)
Body mass index (kg/m2)
Physical activity (MET/wk*)14.919.926.728.119.314.9
Current smokers (%)
History of vasectomy (%)
Family history of prostate cancer, first-degree relatives (%)
Dietary intake (d)
    Alcohol (g/d)14.410.810.09.611.513.2
    Total protein (g)84.492.7100.698.191.388.7
    Total saturated fat (g)28.224.719.918.724.729.5
    Total polyunsaturated fat (g)12.313.413.712.413.214.0
    α-Linoleic fatty acid (g)
    Lycopene (mcg)6,02410,16515,48211,19710,5569,363
    Zinc (mg)
    Vitamin E (IU)66.199.314013610171.2
    Fructose (g)23.825.730.933.326.121.0
    Vitamin D (IU)308366418470357275
    Calcium (mg)8229029681,057878778
    Phosphorus (mg)1,2931,3991,4911,5411,3761,282
  • NOTE: Standardized for age at baseline: Q1, lowest quintile; Q3, medium quintile; Q5, highest quintile.

  • * Metabolic equivalent hours per week.