Table 3.

Height, weight, and BMI and risk of breast cancer before and after adjustment for percentage of mammographic density: matched analysis

VariableAll subjects (n = 1,114 pairs)
Premenopausal group (n = 162 pairs)
Postmenopausal group (n = 727 pairs)
β (SE)*Pβ (SE)Pβ (SE)P
Height (cm), not adjusted for density0.0007 (0.007)0.920.0003 (0.016)0.980.0082 (0.009)0.34
Height§ (cm), adjusted for density0.0006 (0.007)0.940.0066 (0.017)0.700.0072 (0.009)0.41
Weight (kg), not adjusted for density0.0032 (0.004)0.41−0.0119 (0.010)0.210.0084 (0.005)0.09
Weight§ (kg), adjusted for density0.0139 (0.004)0.0010.0036 (0.011)0.730.0185 (0.006)0.001
BMI (not adjusted for density)0.0080 (0.011)0.45−0.0387 (0.028)0.170.0159 (0.014)0.24
BMI§ (adjusted for density)0.0392 (0.012)0.0010.0053 (0.031)0.870.0446 (0.015)0.003
  • * β is the maximum likelihood estimate of the variable.

  • P value: test for β = 0.

  • Adjusted for the following risk factors: age at menarche, age at first birth, parity, number of live births, menopausal status, age at menopause, hormone replacement therapy (ever/never), breast cancer in first-degree relatives (0, 1, 2+). Menopausal status was omitted from the analysis for the separate menopausal groups, and age at menopause from the analysis of the premenopausal group.

  • § Adjusted for the risk factors above and percentage of mammographic density.