Table 1.

Features of studies on NHL and HCV with a comparable control group

Study design: reference, countryType of HCV tests
Comparison group
AntibodyRNACasesMen (%)Median age (range)HCV+ (%)ControlsMen (%)Median age (range)HCV+ (%)Type
Case-control studies
    Zuckerman et al.,1997, USA (32)ELISA2RT-PCR120*(53)52 (23-84)(21.7)114(56)50 (20-24)(5.3)Hospital patients
    Vallisa et al., 1999, Italy (31)ELISA2 + RIBAPCR175*(50)92 (—)(37.1)350Matched(9.1)Hospital patients
    Mizorogi et al., 2000, Japan (26)ELISA2 + RIBAAmplicor134(64)63 (24-87)(12.7)516(62)— (>30)(6.6)Hospital patients
    Pioltelli et al., 2000, Italy (29)ELISA3 + RIBART-nested PCR300*,(48)63 (17-92)(16.0)847Matched(7.8)Hospital patients
    Montella et al., 2001, Italy (27)ELISA3Amplicor111(56)59 (13-85)(25.2)226(49)55 (20-97)(7.5)Hospital patients
    Imai et al., 2002, Japan (23)ELISA2Amplicor187(54)63 (46-79)(12.3)Blood donors
    Kim et al., 2002, South Korea (24)ELISA2Not done214(60)52 (14-85)(3.3)865Matched(2.2)Hospital patients
    Mele/Bianco, 2003/2004, Italy (25, 18)ELISA3 + RIBAAmplicor530(64)(≥15)(15.7)396(52)(5.6)Hospital patients
    Cowgill et al., 2004, Egypt (9)ELISA3RT-PCR220*(60)48 (≥18)(42.7)222Matched(23.4)Hospital patients
    de Sanjosé et al., 2004, Spain (10)ELISA3Amplicor3765559 (—)(6.6)599Matched(3.7)Hospital patients
    Engels et al., 2004, USA (12)ELISA3 + RIBAAmplicor813(54)57 (20-74)(3.9)684Matched(2.0)Population
    Morton et al., 2004, USA (13)ELISA3 + RIBAAmplicor464(0)64 (21-84)(1.7)534Matched(0.9)Population
    Sève et al., 2004, France (14)ELISA2 + RIBANot done212*(58)60 (21-90)(2.8)974(46)67 (18-101)(2.1)Hospital patients
    Talamini et al., 2004, Italy (15)ELISA3 + RIBAAmplicor225(53)59 (18-84)(19.6)504(68)63 (18-84)(8.9)Hospital patients
    Vajdic et al., 2006, Australia (16)ELISA3 + RIBAAmplicor597(58)55 (20-74)(0.5)522Matched(0.4)Population
Cohort studies
    Rabkin et al., 2002, USA (30)ELISA3 + RIBART-PCR57*53 (19-76)(0.0)95Matched(0.0)Cancer-free
Observed NHLExpected NHL
    Ohsawa et al., 1999, Japan (28)ELISA3Nested PCR4(100)63 (40-69)1.9HCV patients
    Duberg et al., 2005, Sweden (11)ELISA3 + RIBAPCR24(75)44 (31-82)12.1HCV patients
  • Abbreviations: RT-PCR, reverse transcription-PCR; RIBA, recombinant immunoblot assay.

  • * B-NHL only.

  • Chronic lymphocytic leukemia excluded.

  • Nested case-control study.