Table 2.

Multivariate analysis for clinicopathologic variables and cyclin E expression in the whole and resected cohorts of pancreatic cancer

VariableHazard ratio (95% confidence interval)P
A. Whole cohort (n = 118)High cyclin E expression1.71 (1.12-2.63)0.0128
Operative resection2.74 (1.79-4.19)<0.0001
Stage III/IV vs I/II1.95 (1.91-3.19)0.0079
Poor differentiation1.56 (1.04-2.35)0.0335
B. Resected cohort (n = 74)High cyclin E expression2.39 (1.30-4.37)0.0048
Tumor size >20 mm2.22 (1.07-4.58)0.0315
Margin involvement1.92 (1.03-3.56)0.0388
Lymph node involvement1.18 (0.62-2.22)0.6069
C. Resected cohort (n = 75)High cyclin E expression2.48 (1.39-4.41)0.0021
Tumor size >20 mm2.26 (1.09-4.68)0.0276
Margin involvement2.09 (1.19-3.66)0.0104
  • NOTE: Group C is the resolved model of group B, eliminating redundant variables.