Table 1.

Genetic alterations identified in 66 colonic polyps

TumorsMutationAllelic imbalanceMSI-H
K-ras2p3p5q17p18q+P value
+P value*AIP valueAIP valueAIP valueAIP valueAIP value
Hyperplastic polyps47010280110112829
Adenomatous polyps
    Serrated adenomas225320518025024718324
    Other adenomas1018P = 0.0105027NS321NS622P = 0.0164027NS225P = 0.0458523NS
    Low-grade dysplasia732332625335036729435
    High-grade dysplasia511NS015NS214NS312NS015NS214NS412NS
    Flat adenomas429328722427030724429
    Exophytic adenomas814P = 0.029019NS117NS220021NS219NS418NS
  • NOTE: NS, not significant; AI, allelic imbalance.

  • * Significance level of the difference was determined using Fisher's exact test.

  • Flat adenoma refers to adenomas in which the height is not greater than twice the thickness of the adjacent normal mucosa.