Table 3.

Incidence rates of breast cancer and geometric mean plasma hormones by racial/ethnic group

African AmericanP*Native HawaiianP*Japanese AmericanP*LatinaP*WhiteP
Incidence rate (per 100,000)359615432283467
Androstenedione (pg/mL)
Age adjusted4740.845770.0114890.544600.884660.10
Testosterone (ng/dL)
Age adjusted22.70.1725.90.00621.00.6618.80.4420.2<0.001
Bio testosterone (ng/dL)
Age adjusted11.00.1613.3<0.00110.10.669.40.689.7<0.001
E1 (pg/mL)
Age adjusted39.40.00239.40.00431.80.9732.30.8031.7<0.001
E2 (pg/mL)
Age adjusted13.10.00213.8<0.00110.90.6111.30.3110.5<0.001
Bio E2 (pg/mL)
Age adjusted8.440.0059.23<0.0016.970.667.440.236.72<0.001
SHBG (nmol/L)
Age adjusted42.50.7435.50.03340.30.6239.90.4641.70.07
  • * P comparing with Whites.

  • P for testing homogeneity of means across race/ethnicity derived from analysis of covariance.

  • Rates among women ages ≥55 years old at baseline through December 31, 2002. Rates were truncated to aged 55 to 79 and age adjusted to the U.S. 1970 standard population.

  • § Adjusted for age at blood draw, assay batch, BMI (for bio testosterone, E1, E2, bio E2, and SHBG), age at menarche (for E1, E2, and bio E2), age and type of menopause (for testosterone and bio testosterone), smoking status (for testosterone and bio testosterone), and soy intake (for testosterone and bio testosterone).