Table 4.

Joint association of aspirin and nonaspirin NSAID use with proximal colon cancer incidence, IWHS, 1992-2002

HR*Nonaspirin NSAID Use
Never≤1 weekly≥2 weekly
Aspirin use
    Never1.00 (referent)1.26 (0.76-2.09)0.62 (0.37-1.03)
    ≤1 per week0.81 (0.58-1.12)0.90 (0.59-1.37)0.40 (0.20-0.81)
    ≥2 per week0.65 (0.46-0.90)0.59 (0.34-1.01)0.65 (0.40-1.03)
  • * Adjusted for age (continuous), BMI (continuous), WHR (continuous), calcium intake (continuous), multivitamin use (yes and no), estrogen use (current and not current), family history of colon cancer (yes and no), physical activity (low, medium, and high), and smoking status (current, former, and never).